RF-Marine & iButton reader

  • Tiny size of RFID reader
  • Low consumption
  • High productivity
  • Transponder readings with manchester coding RF/64
  • EM4100 or smart card of a standard Em-Marine (proximity card)
  • Read support of iButton-keys
  • Built-in antenna
  • Developed for use of portable apps

Technical parameters:

Standards supporting: EM4100, Em-Marine, iButton
Supply voltage 5V +/-0.15 DС
Current consumption (at card reading) 70 mA
Current consumption (in standby mode) 5 mA
Work temperature -30ºC до +75ºC
Operating frequency of the antenna 125KHz
Antenna parameters L = 134uH, Q < 45
Card reading distance 2-6 sm
Interface UART (TTL level)
Size 22×22х22 mm
Weight 5 g

Dimensions, pin assignment:

RF-Marine & iButton reader

Data transmission format:

for cards

STX (Start String) Card Data Checksum¹ ETX (End String)
1 byte 0x55HEX 4 bytes HEX 1 bytes HEX 1 byte 0xAAHEX

¹Checksum = XOR Card Data

For iButton keys

STX (Start String) iButton Data Checksum² ETX (End String)
1 byte 0x51HEX 6 bytes HEX 1 bytes HEX 1 byte 0xAAHEX

²Checksum = XOR iButton Data

Data transmission protocol: 9,600 baud rate, 10 bits, parity bits – none, 8 bits of information,
one start bit, one stop bit.


 RF-Marine & iButton reader