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With every year more relevant becomes a matter of supply own homes, offices, farms with electricity. On the one hand, the constant growth of tariffs leads to an increase costs, which affects both the simple increase of the cost of living and the increase in the cost of goods produced in areas that are associated with the business. On the other – all the more likely to occur as planned, as unplanned power cuts which lead to various problems – from discomfort in daily life to serious losses in industries where the goods get spoiled without electricity, and the production cycle gets knocked down. Separately, there is a question of power supply in the non-electrified areas, such as pedestrian crossings on roads or cameras / systems available in unequipped premises.

As for the cost, there are two ways to reduce them – saving in the use of electricity, which is achieved by using energy-efficient equipment, automatic shutdown not used at the moment consumers, change work schedule (when possible) for a while with a lower billing (eg at night) and a decrease the cost of purchasing electricity through the production of parts or fully their own. Last path parallel to solve other problems – back-up power and autonomous power supply.

What are autonomous sources of electricity? The most famous among us- is gasoline-diesel generators, but they have a common major weaknesses – noise, low resource, environmentally unfriendly and the high cost of energy. In fact, they can only be used as emergency power supply for a short period of time. In the second place – the so-called “green” energy sources, notably those are two most promising direction – wind and solar power. The first work by the force of air flow, which spins the blades and makes the built-in generator to produce electricity. Unfortunately, almost all the windy power – it is a large and complex structures, besides so loud that they can not build close to the housing. With solar panels, I think, already familiar to all, these come from very small in pocket calculators, to their huge industrial plant is only limited by free space.

Company FARADAY Electronics offers comprehensive Wind-solar electrical installations with a capacity of 0.5 to 3 kilowatts. In this case, they may well be set on the territory of both private homes as well as commercial businesses, and can be installed just like on the ground and at the roof. What is the secret of our decisions? Firstly, the controller can operate both as a generator windy as well as solar panels that produces energy simultaneously from two sources. Second, our proposed wind generator relates to new developments in this area and even looks not at all like standard, because now refers to the gaining popularity of devices with a vertical rotor. Such an arrangement allows the wind turbine to receive a number of benefits – it is much smaller and lighter than usual, no noise, rotates at a lower wind speed, and, most importantly, does not require a mechanism for turning in the direction of the wind that makes the structure not only smaller and lighter, more reliable and cheaper and less noisy – vibration when changing the direction of the wind almost absent – the blades spinning at a constant speed and without jerking when changing airflow direction.

These devices can serve as a backup, as well as the main source of electricity for your home or production farm. We should also pay attention to them at the stage of preparing a business plan for the future of suburban production or farm – you can save considerably by selecting the ground for your project in non-electrified place, because as is known the presence of communications significantly increases the cost of it. In addition, you can delete the electricity bills of the future costs. Older models are equipped with generators, among other thingsadditionally active load shedding, which allows to dump excess energy produced when batteries are fully charged and no consumption of electricity from the plant.

Parameters and prices offered by us wind and solar generators can be downloaded here or send us your inquiry.


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