We carry out card customized production of any complexity, sensor or membrane keyboards, frame and other products made of plastic, metal etc., as well as press molds production.

FARADAY Electronics provides services on products contract assembling. It is not only components assembling or producing printed circuit cards, silicone, membrane, metal or combined keyboards, LCD/TFT/LED displays and touch-panels, press molds and stamps for any materials. We receive drawings from you, and give you back finished and tested products in a package.

This task is well-known and clear for us because we have got our own production of power supply units in China and we are aware how to produce quality and reliable serial products.

We understand specificity of a distant production and, therefore, except for representative offices in Russia and Ukraine, we have opened our representative offices in Chine and Hong Kong.

Our employees are domestic professionals engaged into engineering design of new products, purchasing components, controlling production and quality of finished products and logistics. We can assure you, if addressed our company, you will get a competent support from our specialists on every stage of our cooperation.

We possess sufficient experience and well-running process flow. And, therefore, today we can offer you our services on contract manufacture of electronic products in China.

    Our Possibilities:
  • Producing flexible, hard and combined printed circuit cards of any complexity out any currently known material;
  • SMD, DIP and space assembling of any complexity;
  • Assembling crystals according to Chip-On-Board technology;
  • Installing non-standard electronic and mechanical components and cables;
  • Components programming;
  • Finished modules testing;
  • Protective polish covering;
  • Producing plastic and metal frames and assembling product into frame;
  • Producing coil products (transformers, coils);
  • Batching products with membrane or silicone keyboards, membrane control panels etc.;
  • Testing finished products.
    For the evaluation of the project, we need comprehensive baseline information, namely:
  • specification of parts ( BOM-sheet );
  • PCB layout file (in the format of P-CAD, GERBER) and Card Specifications;
  • assembly drawing (with all the essential features of assembly) (example);
  • special requirements for installation;
  • method of testing products (if required);
  • drawing housing ( 3D-model), if required;
  • the number and the desired product price (Target price). 

    We will assess your project and negotiate the final price, terms and conditions of delivery. During the assessment phase you may be analogs of the components in order to reduce the cost of products, but their use will be possible only after agreement with you. All agreements and conditions, including technical specifications, will be enshrined in the signed both sides the supply agreement.
    Before starting production batch will necessarily made reference samples of products for testing and final approval.
    Each manufactured products can be tested in accordance with test method transmitted by you.
    If necessary, we can perform tests of finished products in modern testing laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electromagnetic radiation (EMR), breakdown, leakage currents, etc.

    In order to solve some of the problems we are using innovative approaches. For example, we were approached by a customer requesting to calculate contract assembly of electronics devices. As it turned out in functionality it had to be a tablet, but without a camera and a 3G modem. We offered its own version – found the manufacturer of tablets, which agreed to supply electronics (printed circuit board with components, LED display and touch panel) and by ourselves developed housing for the device. Ultimately, the customer does not spend time developing “iron”, he has been developing software for Android. The development of the final product was reduced to 5 months. Maybe you will be interested to this decision?

    Use our request form for instant dispatch of the order on a miscalculation.

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