We are all living under the Sun, but it's hiding every day much more earlier, than we are ready to let it go. That made smart people to invent lamps. And then intelligent ones brought out LED lighting. It's unspeakable advantages are:

  • electricity consumption is five times less than that of standard incandescent lamps, and the shelf life is three times longer,
  • LED lamps replicate natural sunlight very accurately, which is useful for human vision and nervous system,
  • the lack of flickering, that is almost invisible, but is always present in fluorescent lamps and incandescent fixtures. It's important because of avoiding fatigue accumulation and concentration loss by the end of the day, which is especially important in working positions' and studying seats' lighting,
  • LED lamps do not contain toxic components and are very easily utilized.

FARADAY Electronics offers a complete LED lighting solution: rectangular, square and round LED lamps; recessed downlight and ceiling lamps, built-in or wall-mount; perfect for home, office, school, shop or restaurant. Easily and naturally fits any design and shows extreme efficiency.

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